tips and tricks to keeping a clean kitchen!

I don’t know about you guys but i really do not enjoy cooking… not because the actual cooking part but the dreaded clean up afterwards!!!

I feel like every time I cook a meal somehow every single knife, pot, pan, dish and utensil ends up dirty and in my sink; my counters are filthy there is packaging and garbage everywhere and I have zero interest in cleaning it up. So here are some of my favorite tips ans tricks to keeping your kitchen cleaner while you are cooking to avoid a huge cleanup at the end of your meal!

  1. This is probably my biggest and most favorite tip! USE A GARBAGE BOWL! What I mean by that is you want to grab your biggest mixing bowl and use it to hold all of your garbage until you are finished cooking. So if you are peeling veggies do it over this bowl, opening a package of ground beef stick the packaging in this bowl, egg shells, stems, whatever scraps you have go in the bowl. This is going to save you time running back and forth to the garbage can and it is going to keep your counters clean and tidy! pexels-photo-1004112.jpeg
  2. Wash your dishes while your cooking... Now this may seem like a no brainer but i’m going to include it anyway, because in the past i would always just throw my utensils or used pots and pans in the sink until I was done and then before you know it I would have a mountain of dirty dishes. Use the time it takes to boil water or bake your dish to wash as many of the dirty dishes as you can. That way when your finished eating all you have to clean is a few dishes. pexels-photo-545013.jpeg
  3. Keep your kitchen tidy all of the time! So I realize I live in a house with just 2 adults and it is MUCH easier to stay on top of then say a family of children however, keeping your kitchen clean and organised is going to make it so much easier once it is time to cook and clean up! If your starting point is a disaster you are going to feel so overwhelmed by the new mess its going to be difficult to even know where to start. I like to take 10 minutes after we eat to wash dishes and clean up after the meal (unless my wonderful wife does it for me :)) and then before I get ready for bed I will go back and put those dishes away, scrub my sink, wipe down my counters and clean my stove. It does not take very long at all and that way in the morning when I go to make my breakfast or lunch for the day I am starting in a clean space. 

pexels-photo-1027508.jpeg4. Meal prep! Like I have been saying an organised kitchen is going to help you stay tidy and make clean up a breeze! When you bring home your veggies take the few extra minutes to wash cut and portion them. That way when it is time to cook you are simply taking your already prepped ingredients out and throwing everything together. Less clean up and a faster meal, win win!


If your like me and you just do not enjoy cooking and cleaning up after I really hope you try and utilize these steps to help you maintain a cleaner more organised kitchen. I know at first it can be difficult to start a new routine but once you start keeping a clean kitchen you will never want to go back!

xoxo Erin

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