unpopular opinion: sharing why i believe the influencer culture is toxic

Be whoever you want to be, just don’t do it because someone made you feel like that is who you need to be…

I don’t know about you guys but I feel like almost overnight social media has been taken over by “influencers” 

Telling us what face wash we need, or what jeans we need, or where to buy our cleaning products that we also need

And because they are bright and bubbly and cute and nice we think that well we need those things. So we run out and buy the things or “click the link” or whatever it may be and put money in that “influencers” pocket. Now let me just say this is in no way shape or form me bashing these men and woman who have made this their job, my issue is not with these individuals but with the culture as a whole. 

Influencers are NOT, I will repeat NOT  looking out for your best interest!!! Understand this! They are running a business. It is their job to look better than you, have more than you and make you feel bad about it. It is also their job to convince you that buying what they have (and more then likely got for free) will make you happy… Which is completely ridiculous. 

SPOILER ALERT: Those things are literally never going to make you happy

Focus on the things that actually will fulfill you

your health

your family

your talents



true friends

giving back



you are not less then

don’t let social media make you feel like you are 

xoxo Erin



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